We will refund any customer if he/she decides to not to keep the product within 30-days of shipment of the order.  A FULL refund minus 0% restocking fee will be granted only after the item has been returned in a acceptable state. (Acceptable state is a product which is not abused, or broken from miss-use.)

Unless previously agreed in written message from Exceed Designs, ALL products with applicable lead time or sold in the form of a “pre-order” cannot be refunded until they are shipped and a satisfaction guarantee claim has been requested and the item returned within 30 days AFTER the item has shipped from our facility. The reason for this is we make these products ‘to-order’ many times.  The 30-day satisfaction guarantee will STILL apply and begin from the time the item is actually shipped to you (the customer).

Many times a simple message can solve any issues if you are not sure when the item will ship.  You can message us at anytime to ExceedDesignsCo[AT]gmail[DOT]com – we’d be more than happy to explain the situation.


We may not refund for non-shipment of products to international customers. We may try to re-ship to you, but we will only do this at our own desecration and due to issues with customs in many countries, it is your responsibility to take the risk of shipment for any international shipments. If you are domestic and not international, we may decide to re-ship the product, but we will not take responsibility for non-shipment and you may need to contact USPS or UPS to create a claim for getting your money back. As a small business, non-shipment issues are very difficult and we loose a lot yearly. Most times we try to help the customer, but many times a small error in the address can lead to the package being lost and we cannot take responsibility for your error, or an error or theft by USPS. Please contact us if you have any question about this. We don’t loose many international or domestic shipments yearly, but each product is very valuable, so please help us out to make sure your address is 100% correct.


Warranty on V3 or other products advertised with “Lifetime Warranty” If you register your V3 (or other) product and your product fails to work within your ownership, we may offer you the same amount in Exceed Designs CASH for you to use on another purchase if a direct replacement cannot be granted during that time.  Please contact us if you need a warranty replacement or exchange. We only honor warranties on registered warranties. If you have not registered within 30 days, your warranty may not be honored. This warranty only applies to registered users and covers any manufacturer errors. All warranties may require up to a $25 dollar MAX processing fee to cover our processing and shipping charges. You will be required to ship your product to us. Our warranty does NOT apply to products that have gone through undue abuse. Warranties only are good on products where something failed on the product due to a manufacturing defect. All Exceed Designs products can cause injury or death. Injury or death is NOT covered by our warranty. PLEASE USE ANY EXCEED DESIGNS PRODUCTS AT YOUR OWN RISK!! Warranties do NOT cover any harm done to you or others. All warranty claims must receive prior authorization and must be shipped to us with a note including your warranty registered email, return address and problem with the product. It is our priority to ensure everyone is 100% satisfied with our products. Please email us if you have any other questions or concerns!


By purchasing any Exceed Designs Product You agree to not use them in a harmful way. By purchasing any products on our website you agree that you will use our products AT YOUR OWN RISK. Our products may cause serious INJURY OR DEATH. Our products are inherently dangerous and It is your responsibility to to handle or use our products at your own risk of either serious injury or death.  ***USE AT YOUR OWN RISK***  By purchasing any product from us, you agree to not hold us liable from any lawsuit that may come from the use of our knives or any other products in any way. We do not guarantee or warranty any safety of our products. Our products are dangerous, sharp and could easily cause injury or death when used. We also do not guarantee or warranty any injury or death with regard to the use of any accessory component in combination with any product sold from EXCEED DESIGNS.  You take full responsibility for how you install any of or products and how you decide to use them.  You also agree to the understanding that some of our products are made in the USA, but some may be made in China. Some also may be co-manufacturered, or assembled in the USA.  California users also should know that these products may contain substances known to the state of California to cause cancer. ****We maintain a USE AT YOUR OWN RISK policy for all aspects of our products****

Where restricted, you also agree to ONLY use our website if you are over the accepted age in your area. For example if you are under the age 18, you may not use our website.

Coupons and code usage:

We also do not allow coupon stacking at this time and may refund or cancel orders where this happens due to a technical error.