Thank you for choosing Exceed Designs. *Activate lifetime free parts eligibility by registering your product.

Terms: By registering your knife, you agree that we will only support and give lifetime parts on models or sub-models we still support.  We are not required to, but may offer a 50% off discount to upgrade if your knife is broken and no longer supported.  Your lifetime parts policy will begin at the time of registration and is eligible to get free parts.  Normal wear and tear such as the locking position and the lockbar insert are not covered but may be purchased for a nominal cost from our store.  Parts may be obtained free of charge, however a flat rate shipping & handling charge of $6.99 may apply on all small parts.  If we are unable to fix your knife with parts, we may offer you a replacement knife at our discretion at a cost of $29+S/H.  Please send us a message at help[AT] if you have any questions, comments or concerns. 

To submit a parts request, please visit:

!!!This warranty does NOT cover any bodily harm to you or others buy your use of the knife.  You agree to use this knife at your own risk.  Knives such as this one can cause severe injury or death!!!  We may refuse any parts warranty claim if we have a valid plausible reason for warranty abuse!!!

This warranty does NOT cover any replacements of customization parts or accessories. Original parts from a complete knife purchase are only covered by this warranty.

This warranty does NOT cover any replacement parts on components or screws that were not disassembled properly. ie: used inferior or incorrect tools or did not heat screws properly, or re-applied excessive LOCTITE after a routine disassembly.  Please refer to this video for proper disassembly instructions: (Coming soon!)

Warranty registration is valid for those that register their product within 30 days of receiving your order.