Jet-Black PVD 6AL-4V Titanium CASCADIA EDITION TOPO RH Handle With 1X Matching Blade (For V3 Only) Custom Laser In USA

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Take your TiRant RAZOR V3 to the next level with this CASCADIA EDITION RH Handle + 1X Matching Topo TAJIMA V-REX II Blade

This custom CASCADIA EDITION RH scale was taken from a selected secret select location in the cascades near the Cascadia subduction zone.  We’ve spent hours working to find the perfect location in the cascades to base out design from.  This real 6AL-4V Titanium PVD coated handle comes with a matching TAJIMA V-REX II blade all laser engraved with our cascadia topographical map.  This is one of the slickest custom upgrades for your V3 TiRant RAZOR and perfect for anyone who loves exploring!

(Stonewashed CASCADIA EDITION RH handle and Additional black TAJIMA V-REX II topo laser engraved blades available on our website)

Upgrade your TiRant RAZOR with authentic parts & accessories.

We've built the TiRant RAZOR lineup so it can expand with an infinite amount of potential future upgrades which can be purchase in the future. We will continue to drive innovation to include new features. If you have any input or ideas, please send us message and we will likely use your feedback for future accessories for the TiRant lineup!