SKIFF Ceramic + Solid Brass Rocket Glide Bearing 2-Pack – Made In USA (Works With TiRant RAZOR V1/V2/V3)

Expand your TiRant RAZOR with a vast line of compatible accessories to increase functionality or refresh parts that may wear over time!

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We know you will love this knife, but If you are not 100% satisfied within 30-days, return it without any questions asked!

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Get your knife gliding smooth again with this a new set of bearings!

Exceed Designs is now an authorized dealer for SKIFF Ceramic Rocket Glide bearings.  These new bearings are made just for the TiRant RAZOR V3.  If you want your bearings installed, make sure to choose the option to have the bearings installed.  Many people say that these bearings increase the high-end feel to a whole new level.  This includes 2 bearings.  If you ask for the “install” we will install it on your TiRant RAZOR V3 on the same order.  Your old ceramic bearings WILL be included.

NOTE TO CUSTOMER:  You must remove the outer bushing washer for the best alignment.  The knife CAN be used with both bushings, however the alignment is as perfect so we recommend removing the outer bushing when you install this bearing set.

Upgrade your TiRant RAZOR with authentic parts & accessories.

We've built the TiRant RAZOR lineup so it can expand with an infinite amount of potential future upgrades which can be purchase in the future. We will continue to drive innovation to include new features. If you have any input or ideas, please send us message and we will likely use your feedback for future accessories for the TiRant lineup!