Black USA FLAG Razor Blades (5-Pack) Tajima V-REX II Premium Tempered Utility Knife Blades

Expand your TiRant RAZOR with a vast line of compatible accessories to increase functionality or refresh parts that may wear over time!

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USA AMERICAN FLAG Edition 5-Pack Tajima V-REX II Blades

  • Includes 5X Tajima V-REX II Premium Tempered Utility Knife Razor Blades with USA FLAG engraved.
  • Includes Exceed Designs USA FLAG Laser Engraving (NOW ON BOTH SIDES!)
  • Laser engraving IN THE USA
  • May ship with non-conventional packaging

Upgrade your TiRant RAZOR with authentic parts & accessories.

We've built the TiRant RAZOR lineup so it can expand with an infinite amount of potential future upgrades which can be purchase in the future. We will continue to drive innovation to include new features. If you have any input or ideas, please send us message and we will likely use your feedback for future accessories for the TiRant lineup!