4-Piece Replacement Bearing Bushing Kit (Compatible with TiRant RAZOR V1, V2 & V3)

Expand your TiRant RAZOR with a vast line of compatible accessories to increase functionality or refresh parts that may wear over time!

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Get your knife gliding smooth again with this bushing refresh kit !

Want to refresh your bushings?  We’ve got your covered! Please choose your model and note that SOME TiRant RAZOR models ONLY utilize 2 of the larger 9.55mm bushings, if this is your case, you can discard the other smaller ones or use them when you upgrade to the 4-bushing-clad V3 in the future.  IMPORTANT: disassembly WILL be necessary and you will need to carefully heat up the small T8/T6 torx and securely use your tools when unscrewing the necessary screws for disassembly.  You will also need to reapply a drop of blue loctite-242 when you re-tighten screws so screws won’t prematurely fall out during use.  IMPORTANT:  You will also need to tension the main screw when complete disassembly takes place.  You want to ensure it is not too tight, but just tight enough for the perfect resistance.  This can be tuned to your preference, then wait 12-hours for the loctite-242 to set in at the correct main pivot screw position desired.

Upgrade your TiRant RAZOR with authentic parts & accessories.

We've built the TiRant RAZOR lineup so it can expand with an infinite amount of potential future upgrades which can be purchase in the future. We will continue to drive innovation to include new features. If you have any input or ideas, please send us message and we will likely use your feedback for future accessories for the TiRant lineup!