How To Use Your TiRant RAZOR V3

Hello, my name is Josh and I’ve put together a few helpful videos and I really hope you’ll watch them.  It’s really important that you watch these so you can truly experience the ingenious design of the TiRant RAZOR without frustration.  For example, we’ve put together a helpful video so you can learn how to remove the blade WITHOUT any tools on your TiRant RAZOR V3. 

Are you trying to swap your rear spacer or fully disassemble and reassemble your TiRant RAZOR V3?  We’ve got you covered, just watch each of the videos below to get the most out of your TiRant RAZOR V3

Please Watch Before Attempting Blade Removal:

How to remove and swap the blade on your TiRant RAZOR V3

Please Watch Before Attempting TiRant Disassembly:

TiRant RAZOR V3 Disassembly & Instructional Video

TiRant RAZOR V2 Disassembly & FULL 15 Minute Instructional Video

TiRant RAZOR-M Introduction & Instructional video

Frequently Asked Questions

We have grown a LOT, but along with this have come supply chain challenges, COVID challenges and much more!  However with all this being said we have not missed ANY ship dates this year.  It has been a real struggle at times, but we are truly doing our best and almost ALWAYS we have shipped earlier than the 3-5 week window.

The 3-5 week lead time as seen on Amazon is also due to the large amount of time that it takes us to build and perfect each knife.  Each spec and tolerance must be checked, re-checked and LOCTITE applied to each screw.  Because this knife is so slim and small it must be perfect to stand against out tests and this takes time.  Some knives take as much as 20+ minutes PER knife to get perfect.

It is NOT a easy knife to get perfect and it is NOT an easy knife to assemble.  All of the QC process also happens right here in Washington state where labor is hard to come by.  We are working to hire people, however it has been very difficult to find people who can meet our same level of perfection.  With this being said we have contracted with a few guys to help with our QC process.

This is the #1 question I get on a DAILY basis.  We have hundreds of people on our waitlist and are working as hard as we possibly can to get enough stock to begin international sales.

The reason for the delay is due to several improvements and product tests we wanted to do within the United States.  The reason for this is it is much easier to send a replacement or parts within the US vs. internationally.  Due to this concern we have waited until we are 100% satisfied with our recent V2 modifications before we officially launch it internationally. 

Also. we are also struggling to keep up with the demand from the US market at this time and have increased production 100% month over month for the past year and are planning on expansions to our capacity.  When we do, we will not have any problems launching internationally.

We plan on launching internationally as soon as January, 2022 if all goes as planned.

Thank you for your patience.

We offer a 30-day hassle-free money back guarantee.

We also offer LIFETIME parts warranty for your knife. If you need something, just let us know.  Please note that conditions DO apply.  We may ask for your to help us out with the shipping and handling of the parts you may need.

If you don’t want parts and want a new knife, we may replace it for a one time charge of $29 + shipping and handling after you return your knife.

Yes, please contact us for corporate and wholesale pricing.  If you are a reseller, we can offer tax-free sales with our resellers permit via Washington state if you are reselling the knives. 

I wish I could say yes, but NO unless you are buying in bulk, or as a reseller.

Unfortunately we are not profiting much at all at this current time and are taking a loss so we can get the TiRant utility knife in as MANY hands as possible!  

The price will increase to $80+ very soon. 

Once you understand how to swap the blade, it’s easy, effortless and genius! To begin, hold the knife with one hand and press the slotted section of the blade holder towards the clip side of the knife.  Press this piece over towards the end of the slotted section to get the maximum torsion to release the blade from the double notches.  With your other hand, you can hold the non-sharp top section and slide the blade out safely.  You should not be pulling the blade out by holding the bottom of the blade (near the sharp section).  You can repeat this process in reverse to insert a new blade.

On the V2, we use a recessed pocket design so the quick release is slightly more difficult, but blade retention on the V2 TiRant has been improved dramatically!

If you have any trouble removing the blade, you can use the screws, but ensure your torx is not worn as this can easily strip the T6 screws.  Please safely use a torch or lighter to heat and break the locktit loose on any screws that don’t unscrew with ease.

If you’re having trouble removing the screws please do the following:

  • Safely use a torch to heat any screws.  All screws utilize Blue 242 LOCTITE and may be highly difficult to remove without heat to break them free.
  • If your screw seems to be stripped already due to not pre-heating the screws, you can grind down the tip of the included T6/T8 torx until it becomes a larger size.  Then heat things up and try again.
  • If all of this fails, you can use a small micro-disc and slice a groove that can accept a standard screwdriver.
  • We can send you screws or parts free of charge only pay a $4.99-7.99 shipping charge depending on the parts needed.

We can send you a new clip, no questions asked!  Just shoot us a message above.  We may request $5-6 for S+H.

This will require the following steps:

  • Heat up the center screw a lot.  If you have nylon-clad metal ball bearings or nylon-clad ceramic bearings, be careful to only heat up the center bolt by torching the screw head on both sides a fair amount.
  • Then you should use a sharp and crisp T8 torx held by a vice or a quick grip.  Then you can use another T8 torx on the top while holding the knife onto the vice-held T8 and loosen from the top.
  • *Please note that we currently use a free spinning center bolt.
  • You should re-apply LOCTITE after breaking the LOCTITE free using the torch.  Reapply and tension perfectly – then let the LOCTITE sit and dry for about an hour for best results.
  • If you have further issues, please contact us for further help.